29 Days to Go…

badge-1Wow, when I received my mission call only a few weeks ago I was not prepared to be leaving so soon and yet I can’t wait to go!  In these last few weeks I have gotten a passport, renewed a driver’s licence, cried, seen my favorite band in concert, cried, prayed, studied, quit my job, bought a year and a half worth of clothes, hung out with some of my favorite people, cried, etc, etc.  You get it.  Leaving for a year and a half doesn’t seem like such a long time until you are standing right before it. I can’t help but wonder how different the world will look in May of 2018.  Hopefully Madame President Clinton can Make America Great Again. Anyway, these are only some of my thoughts and feelings while waiting to leave.  I am so excited and have been preparing to serve a mission for what seems like eternity (haha jokes). This experience is going to be an amazing one and I am so excited to be able to share it with you!!  I hope this blogging adventure works especially well in keeping my favorite people caught up for the next year and a half!

Alle meine Liebe,

Sister Spencer


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