Sydnee’s 2nd week at the MTC

Here is an excerpt from the email we received from Sydnee and a funny picture that Colton and I took, recreating one of Sydnees pre-mission pictures

This week has been so good. On Sundays and Tuesdays we have a general authority come speak to us. We had Jenny Oaks Baker, Elder oaks daughter, speak and her and her family performed for us. It was super cool. And Tuesday we had Sister Jones of the primary presidency. All amazing. I have just been in class and learning a lot. German is hard but I think learning the gospel has been harder. Also don’t ever feel bad for sending LOTS of dear elders keep sending them because it is so nice to have a second and not think about all the things I am supposed to be doing. The elders in my district have been really cool and actually like Sister Lopez and I now and our study time in class can get pretty loud. Colton asked how the food was and I am surviving lol. So no one emailed me wednesday and told me about the election even though we knew but it was weird. Normally i have a few emails but nothing I literally thought the world had ended. LOL it’s all good the elders LOVE teasing me about being “liberal” lol if only they knew. THANK YOU FOR THE SNACKS!! they are wonderful. Send more next week lol it is so nice to eat “normal” food. Sister Lopez loves the Cheez its.  Nothing terribly exciting has happened here. Although every Sunday and Tuesday the speaker is announced right when the devotional has started so the rumor every week is that it is Holland or Jesus. So that is pretty neat. 


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