Another week in the books

I, Sydnees Dad, was a slacker last week and did not update her blog.  Partly because Sydnee didn’t really send us anything to work with.  It is nice that her companion sends emails to her mom who in turn sends them to Julie, who then sends to me to fill in the blog page here.  So here is an excerpt from that letter regarding Sister Spencer and Sister Griffen’s week in Bamberg.  

Monday was a chill day (P-day), going to MediaMarkt which is the equivalent of Dick Smith to get Sister Spencer a keyboard. Yes, we were bad and went and drooled over the movie section… but on the plus side, I’ve got a lot to catch up on, so it’s not going to be boring coming home! We went over to teach Patience’s friends, Ifaenyi and Juliet, in the evening. They are a lovely couple. They are great examples of people that are willing to make sacrifices to meet with us, including walking to church in the cold. They’re very much showing their faith by their actions.

Tuesday we went out on our first dooring adventure after stopping by on an old referral that was never followed up on. Nothing really came of the morning, but it was good to get Sister Spencer into dooring and make her endure… We waited at the bus stop with cold toes, and I asked a girl if it was the right bus stop for Bamberg. She ended up chatting to us – she’s on an exchange from the Dominican Republic for 10 months and has only been learning German for 4. She talked to us the whole bus ride back and seemed keen to come to Church or to chill with us as she’s struggling to find a connection with the German people, especially since her home stay family is a bit meh. 

Wednesday we did some solid street contacting and saw some pretty amazing miracles, including someone stopping us (mind you, she was asking if we were JW’s – ha ha) and having some nice conversations. Later we managed to do a lot of calls from the Area Book and tick people off. Funny how I can just call people up and ask them if they want to meet and learn about God! Training’s been amazing based on the fact that I’m not even worrying about the German so much at this point, only really when I don’t understand people (!), which is getting rarer since I can normally pick up on the general gist of things. We saw Moses in the evening and he gave us the news of his leaving Germany… He is no longer allowed to stay here due to visas. Which is sad, but I’m once again sure of the fact that he was supposed to be here to meet us and be baptised.

Thursday we had Zone training in Nurnberg. It was all about the Book of Mormon. It was a good refresh and an amazing topic to bear testimony of.

Friday – we spent most of the day weekly planning, studying and doing a bit of contacting. We went over to Sister Sch’s then Moses in the evening, and his friend Fatai was there. Something that Fatia mentioned that was amazing to hear was that everyone noticed Moses had changed since his baptism. It was humbling and gratifying, especially when Fatai said he wanted that change in his life too. Moses has been a wonderful example simply through living his life. No big actions are needed to share the light of Christ.

Saturday we went to a street display in Coburg. It’s funny being the older missionary now and having to set the example for Sister Spencer. Something Sister Jones really instilled in me was actually going out and contacting people while at Street displays, instead of being like many missionaries who are kind of slack and hang around, chatting to each other. It is my turn now to lead the way.

We met some pretty nice, cool people, and tried President’s technique, that he suggested at Zone training, which was just starting with a question rather than stumbling through introductions. It got a lot more people to stop and talk, and was a refreshing change. There was snow as predicted, but we battled on. 

Sunday – Juliet and Ifaenyi came to church. Sister Spencer and I had stayed up late the night before, having a deep Gospel conversation that left me wondering where I really was in my progress. So when we were asked to give testimonies in Sacrament meeting I had lots to reflect upon. There was an incredible spirit there, especially as I looked to Moses and was able to talk about the change that the Gospel makes in people’s lives. I just felt that “I knew” – the rest of the ward seemed to be frowning at this girl in tears and attempting to speak in broken German, but I feel like it was an experience just for me. I was also able to badly translate the lesson in RS, well the teacher actually ended up translating half of it herself, but was still a cool experience.


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