She seems to be having fun

I had the opportunity today to chat with Sydnee for a few minute via email. She seems to be doing well and is having fun.  Her German is coming along just fine and improving each day.  She did say that when she starts talking, people can tell she is from America and start speaking English, so she is relieved a bit.  Sydnee and her companion have several baptism set up for February.  January 24th is going to be a tough day for Sydnee and her companion.  Moses, who was baptized in December is getting deported from Germany.  It has been a struggle to say the least for her as she has grown so close to the first person she saw in the mission field accept the truthfulness of the Gospel and be baptized.  She is worried about what might happen to him where ever he ends up.  Sydnee and her companion gave him all the information that they had so he can get in touch with people and other missionaries when he gets to where he is going.  Below are pictures for this past week that Sydnee sent.

the one on the train is of Juliet and Sydnee.  She is an investigator along with her husband Ifaenyi and they are getting ready to be baptized on the 18th.  


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