Slow news week

I had the opportunity to chat with Sydnee today for a bit.  Her P-day has been changed to Thurday now.  In talking to her this week, it seems like things were very slow with lots of appointments falling through and trying to get adjusted to the new schedule.  I think it was just one of those weeks that most missionaries have that really test them.  Below is an exerpt from what Sydnee and her companion did the last week.  There are also 3 pictures.  One is of the German twin to Sydnees first car, one is of some spaghetti ice cream or something like that, and the other is of the meeting with Elder Clemente

“Tis been a very long week without Pday, but hey, we made it. Totally digging the new schedule too – we have an extra half hour in the morning to get ready/mentally prepare ourselves for the day, then don’t have to worry about planning when we’re home. Other than that, things are sort of same old, but I am thoroughly enjoying it.

We spent our last Monday Pday in Bamberg with the Coburgers, going up to the Monastery in Altstadt before going back to the church and making a big lunch. Was a totally chill Pday. We helped a family move with the Elders in the evening. The family that we helped move was one that the Elders somehow knew but had never taught, and they were very cool and down to earth.  

Tuesday we picked up Elder Clemente from Bahnhof as a district. He a nice guy, down to earth. His dad is from Spain but moved to America for BYU, met his wife and has stayed in Idaho ever since.  We had a planning session and got some ideas going for how we can help the ward out – was a good start.

 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… Pretty much all our appointments fell out, there was gar nichts motivation to contact, the people we tried to go by on weren’t home and wouldn’t answer their calls…”


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