A tough week

Today is Friday, February 17th.  Sydnee and her companion had to take their P-day today becasue they spend all night Wednesday and all day Thursday (normal p-day) at the hospital with the mother of one of their investigators that is nearing the end of her life.  She said it has been a struggle to be so involved in other people’s lives and the real life problems that they experience.  Part of the conversation Sydnee and I had was about having fun when you can to keep from going crazy.  And in true Spencer fashion, she knows how to have fun.  If I can figure out how to upload a video she sent I will.  The following is taken from an email that she sent to me this morning when we were talking about working hard and still having fun when you can….

“……that is when I get sister griffen in a mood that we have the “fun side”. Normally every day is a struggle. Every morning is a struggle. There is so much work without enough people. Not just missionaries but in the wards. No one is motivated and it makes a missionaries job so much harder. On top of that Sister Griffen and I have very similar personalities so you will know what it is like when I will get super serious and frustrated and have a break down. That is super hard when she goes through stuff like that. The lord blesses us that only one of us has a break down at a time. I am doing alright today. Yesterday was very,very, very difficult. We were literally at the hospital all day and we had been there late the night before. I have been struggling because I have seen very serious very real problems in other peoples lives that is difficult for them to deal with and our job as missionaries is to spiritually help them. That is exhausting. Being everyone’s super hero when no one wants to be their own super hero is tiring. It is nice as a missionary knowing I can give it all to the lord and I don’t have to completely trouble myself. Man, I hear stories about refugees journeys and sad things there along with other peoples struggles in a 1st world country. I always knew that these things were real and mz own friends experienced things and I did that help me and don’t shock me. The hard part is not just that these things happened and are happening but that I am feeling all these things for and with them.” 

Here are pictures she sent as well.  You can tell she does like to have fun!


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