Typical Sydnee

Anyone that knows sydnee will know that this weeks email is typical of Sydnee.  Below is the email she sent me, word for word.  The pictures on this weeks post are from Sydnees Pday hike.  

“Hey we just went hiking today and had a great time. You can get our weekly stuff from sisters griffens email. I was too busy talking to other missionaries apparently to have time to email. Tell everyone i said hi and that I love them. Also how much money is in my account?”

She is still the same Sydnee: she likes to have fun and knows how to spend money.

From what I could gather from the email I received from Sydnees Companions mother, transfers are next Saturday (March 10). Since Sister Griffen has been in this particular area for almost 7 months, they feel that Ssiter Grifen will be moving on next week.  Sydnee is a bit nervous about this but is excited to start a new chapter in her missionary work with a new companion.  They are enjoying success with the people they are contacting and their recent convert, Moses, has a calling in the ward.  All in all, Sydnee is doing well and enjoying the work.  


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