Another week in the books

I did have the opportunity to chat with Sydnee today for a few minutes.  She is doing well.  The first person that she helped bring into the Church, Moses is set to speak in church this Sunday.  She seemed very excited to hear what he had to say and to share his testimony about his conversion.  She is struggling a bit to find people to teach.  The ward at the present time is not really helping out much.  They have gone through so many people in their teaching pool and have spent so much time out contacting people to meet with.  She is a little frustrated in the lack of support from the ward at times but is still up-beat and is enjoying her time doing the Lord’s work.  Transfers are this weekend and she is fairly confident that Her companion Sister Griffen will being transfered and that may add to her frustration a bit.  Sister Griffen has been so good for Sydnee.  They are so close and have enjoyed spending their time together.  We shall see what happens.  Here are some pictures and a video from this week.


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