Sydnee Gets a New Companion

I had the opportunity today to once again chat with Sydnee.  As expected, Sister Griffen, her training companion has moved on.  She was transfered to the Frankfurt International ward.  Sydnees new companion is Sister Balls from South Jordan, Utah.  Sydnee says she is very short and they look like quite a pair walking down the street.  Transfers were announced on Saturday and they spent most of this week visiting all the people that Sydnee and Sister Griffen were working with to say good bye.  Today was P-day and they spent the day in Coburg and toured a castle.  Sydnee seems to be in very high spirits this week.  I also had the opportunity to chat with the bishop of the ward she is serving in Bamberg.  He sent me a message on Facebook and let me know that he enjoys Sydnee and says she is one of very few people that he has ever met that is always laughing and having fun.  He said that he and his wife absolutely enjoy having Sydnee in their home all the time for dinner.  On a side note, the first email I got from Sydnee at 230 this morning, was to request a NCAA bracket for the Basketball tournament….she is her fathers child!!  Here are some pictures from her week.


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