Better week this week!

Sydnee seemed to have a much better week this week.  Below is part of her email to me and some pictures.  This may be the last email from her from Bamberg.  Transfers are this weekend and Sydnee feels like she is going to be transfered since she has been there since getting to Germany in December.

This week was pretty cool. I was able to go to Nürnberg on a split on Thursday and Friday. Tuesday we had a really cool experience. We hopped on a train and we’re going to go to this one city but about halfway there I realized it was outside our area so we got off at the next stop. Well the next train didn’t go there for a few hours so we decided to go find people. We were walking and I saw these two people sitting by this lake and I thought we should go talk to them but decided against it because I thought it was private property. We kept going and met some weird people and tried dooring but no one was home. Near the end I see this huge dog standing in the middle of the street up a hill. We decided to go after it. I thought to myself or the holy ghost told me that this dog was going to lead us to someone who was prepared. We rounded a corner and got to the top of this Hill and the dog was gone. We get there and the two people that were sitting by the lake are walking up the other side of the hill. We talked them and showed them the easter video. We set up an appointment with them next week, it was super awesome. That day was full of tender mercies. Yesterday we did service all day with the elders. Lol it was all yard work. I kind of miss it. Kind of. This week was really short but very long if that makes any sense. The daysare long but the weeks are short is the phrase out here.


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