Sydnee’s First Transfer

As expected, Sydnee got transfered this last week.  The transfer call was a little different than what was expected.  Transfer calls in her mission are on Saturday night, and then on Tuesday they move to their new assignment.  Saturday came and went with no call of a re-assignment.  Then on Monday, a call came from the Mission President.  Turns out a Sister in the mission had to unexpectedly go home and Sydnee was being transfered as part of a shuffling of sorts to balance out some areas.  Sydnee is now serving in Coburg.  In talking to Sydnee this morning, she said that Bamberg and Coburg are the two places that everyone wants to serve because they are the prettiest.  I have to agree based on pictures I have seen.  Sydnee did say that she did ride a bike for the first time this week in her new area.  She is still working with a few investigators in Bamberg until they get baptized in the next week or two.  She said that the trip to Bamberg is a 45 min train ride each way.  Overall, her spirits are very high this week.  She is very excited to be in a new area.  Her new companion is Sister Case from Texas.  Here are some pictures from this last week.  The black and white picture is a little creepy, but if you know Sydnee she was trying to be funny I am sure.


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