6 Month Mark

This week marks the 6 month mark for Sydnee.  I can’t believe it has been 6 months already.  I was able to email her a few times today and she is doing really well and is in very high spirits.  She is having soooo much fun.  Below is part of her letter and some pictures from this week.  One of the pictures was from today of her cleaning out an octopus getting ready to deep fry some calamari.

“This week has been way good. We have been teaching and finding this week. Nothing too earth shattering happening. We are working to get two of our investigators baptized next week. Pray for that. I have cracked German and now speaking like a german wizard. I bore my testimony in my new ward, that was scary. Every friday here in coburg we have a volleyball night where investigators can come and meet members. It has become such a fun thing to do on my mission and a huge stress reliever. We did service at a members house where we cleaned out a centuries old barn. Scary. Lots of arachnids. We have held lots of planning sessions because I have no idea what previous missionaries did here but they didn´t work so now we have to clean up ALL of the messes. This ward is not much better than Bamberg. They literally say that home and visiting teaching only needs to happen once a year so they aren´t too keen on what are they called, new people, especially when they don´t like the current ones. Work. Is. Slow. Only in the ward. We are teaching quite a few people it is just when the ward gets involved it ruins it lol. I really don´t understand because literally everyone in this ward is a convert AND an Rm. Riddle me that. Anyway everyone is really nice to the missionaries. Joking aside this is a really nice area and I love it. Everyday I wake up and look at the castle and feel like I am living in a fairytale.”  


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