Sydnee Gets Transferred

I slacked in my duties last week in updating Sydnees Blog.  She sent out a huge group email so most everyone knew what was going on, and in her own words, “I feel it was fine” that I didn’t update this.  I had the opportunity to chat with Sydnee this morning for a little bit. She has been transfered to Mannheim.  Below is her email and some pictures from the last week.

This week I was transferred. I am now serving in Mannheim. It is actually where Sister Lopez (MTC Companion) was just serving. I’m here with sister hunter she is from Orem. Um so Mannheim is auch Lot bigger than Bamberg or Coburg haha and When I got here I felt way in over my head.  

Thursday we had an appointment scheduled with an investigator that we had not been able to get a hold of. He needs Persian Translattion and so we rapidly set up an appointment with a translator for Thursday evening hoping he would show. Thursday
Arrived and we couldn’t get a hold of him. We went to where we were supposed to meet and he called us saying he wasn’t going to make it but he was sending his friend instead. We wait for a while and meet his friend Han. He tells us he already knows our church and we thought that was weird. We take him up to the church and get our Skype translation all set up. Our translator talked with him for over an hour in Persian and we had 0 clue of what was going on. Turns out he met with the sisters a few months ago and it did not go well. He has lots of questions and feels like he is at a crossroad and needs help. Luckily our translator was super awesome and told him that he had come to the right place. We then set up more appointments to meet with him. It was really cool how it all worked out.  

Saturday was danger day (Transfer calls) and was really weird. We tried going about our normal activities but it’s hard when your life for the next six weeks could change with a phone call. Well we got the phone call. They shut down Coburg sisters. Both Sister Case and I were transferred and no new sisters. This is because we aren’t getting enough sisters for the amount that are leaving. What sucks even more is that this is the second area I’ve shut down in six weeks. This is how Sister Case and I earned the nickname the “Closers”.  
So then Sunday and Monday consisted of Sister Case and I cleaning and saying good bye to everyone. It was not what I wanted nor expected but definitely what the Lord wants. Tuesday was the day I actually left for Mannheim. It was really hard saying bye to Sister Case.  


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