Serving In Mannheim

I heard briefly from Sydnee today.  She was busy with PDAY activities and didn’t spend much time online today doing emails.  Most of her PDAY was spent working out, shopping, taking a nap and watching her companion paint at a studio.  Her companion is an Art Major at BYU.  Her companion in Mannheim is Sister Hunter.  I am not sure what city in Utah county she is from and for sake of not offending the high and mighty people of happy valley, we will just call it Utah County.  Sydnee absolutely loves her and they are getting along so well.  They go running every day, and have been eating much much better.  Sister Hunter is a vegan and is converting Sydnee slowly.  You can probably tell from the picture this week, the difference in her appearance. Her area is much larger than her first two areas, with a much larger ward and one that is actually helping the missionary effort.  Sydnee feels that going from the smaller areas of Bamberg and Coberg to the larger city of Mannheim, she is being trained all over again.  It is a much different approach to the work.  Overall, she is very happy and says that time time is flying by.  She has been out 7 months as of last week.  


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