Heatwave in Mannheim

I had the opportunity yesterday to chat with Sydnee for a little bit.  With me traveling the last two weeks, I have been behind in updating her blog.  Honestly she hasn’t really sent anything “news worthy” for an update.  She continues to serve in Mannheim.  Most of our conversation yesterday centered around the heat and humidity that she is experiencing.  It has been in the low 90’s with mid 60% humidity.  They do not have Air conditioning in their apartment.  She said that it is almost cooler to be outside where there is a slight breeze than inside.  They go to the church often to cool off and other places that have any form of cooled air as she called it.  Not really air conditioning that we are accustomed to in the United States.  She is doing really well after a couple of rough weeks.  I am hopeful that next week will bring more of an update from her on what she is actually doing.  Most of our conversations the last two weeks have consisted of things that she needs me to send to her.  Overall, she is doing well and enjoying her time serving the Lord and being a missionary!!!


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