A quick update in Mannheim

I had a chance to chat with Sydnee today for a little bit today.  Her updates the last two weeks have been very sparce with details.  Not much really going on other than normal missionary things.  This week had a lot more activity and was a better week for Sydnee.  She said to say that she has been so focused the last 2 weeks on getting their area up and running that she has not had much time to write of the details.  They did get a new set of Elders in Mannheim so they actually have people to do things with on Pday.  Below is part of her letter today with pictures she sent

“As far as the work is concerned, we’ll there’s a lot. We are teaching a ton of awesome people that are making lots of progress. There is a kid who referred himself to us and I will include a picture. His name is Leon and he is trying to find out the truth. He is only 15 but is very,very mature and is diligently searching and trying to be better. After every appointment with him I am just so excited to see the Gospel in his life not just now but as he continues on. He came to church on Sunday and I just thought about how cool it would be to see him go on a mission. He is super cool and I will let you know what happens with him.

We have a couple other people we are working with. We have two part member families with 9 year old boys that we are teaching. It’s rough because the families are also less active and so they got to come to church before their kiddos can be baptized.

Fun stuff, we went to Karlsruhe for a stake Party and had a good time. We went to this all you can eat sushi place with the elders.


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