Having fun in Mannheim

In my conversations with Sydnee today, she seems to be having a great time!!!! She said she had one of the best weeks in a long time as far as the missionary work goes and as well as feeling like she is getting things accomplished!!! Below is part of her email to me and some pictures.
LOL it was a good week. Friday we had some appointments and we tried going to our investigators hockey practice. It was an adventure turns out we were there too early so we ended up studying German and watching little kids ice skate. Truth be told that’s now our new spot when it gets a million degrees outside since it’s the only place with “ac”. Saturday we were invited to go to a place called Karlsruhe and help out the ward there. Apparently there was a music fest going on next to the church building and so they wanted missionaries to tell people there were free toilets and water. OK this stays between us. It was not very effective. There were already free toilets and water as it was a music fest of 200,000 people so yeah. We ended up getting free swag and listening to music lol. It was so weird. But an adventure with our district so that was fun. Monday we did familyhome evening and played with a chainsaw. Tuesday we had district meeting and taught this lady whose boyfriend is a member of the ward here. And then our appointments the rest of the day fell out so we brought a couple members who had fed us last week some flowers. Yesterday was a mess. We had to meet up with our district to practice a song we are singing at zone conference. We came home and did studies and then went by some people and went finding. It was actually a pretty solid week


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