Training Sister Wirig

Sydnee said good-bye to Sister Hunter and hello to Sister Wirig.  She is fresh out of the MTC and hails from Coeur d’Alene, ID.  Sydnee is excited, nervous and stressed about the opportunity to train a new missionary.  Last week before sister Hunter left, they had two baptism (See pictures below). 

This week with her new companion, they have spent most of the week out contacting new people and using the new missionary as a way to go meet with ward members again and get them to help out.  She says the ward there is still struggling with getting behind the missionary efforts (sounds familiar).  Sydnee seems to be doing really good, and still continues to have fun as seen in the pictures.  She did say that the funnest part of each day is to go to the town square and commons areas and “scout out” people to go contact.  She said it is always fun to see what people look like and try and guess what their background is and then go find out.  They have made a game of sorts out of it just to have fun and to not get discouraged with all the rejection.

Below are pincers from the baptisms and from the last week with Sister Wirig


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