So today marks the 1 year mark in Sydnee”s Excellent Adventure in Germany.  I figured since I have slacked in my duties the last two months in updating her blog for various reasons, I could not miss today.  A lot has happened for her in the last year.  She currently serves in Mannheim and has been there for 6 months.  She is hoping that she will be transfered this next week when transfers are announced.   Below is an email I received from her and her companion today as well as a bunch of pictures from the last few weeks.  Today for Pday they spent the majority of the day hiking in the Black Forest.

“Hello!  So this week was pretty bleh but that’s okay, there was definitely some good that came out of it! This week Geiss-Kim came to “Chirch!”  Haha so she pulled out her planner during Gospel Principles class and started taking notes on which I saw written on Sunday “chirch” hahah she is trying to learn English through German, which is her second language, all her scriptures are in Korean!  Haha but she is so cute!  It’s amazing to watch her learn and progress!  We had a really great lesson with her on tuesday and Schwester Wegman was the mitgelid Dabei (member there by) we ended up talking about the word of wisdom (not what we had planned) and she promised us to give up her favourite black tea and her coffee, she said she would do anything for Jesus. She has so much faith. 

The rest of this week consisted of us trying to do more finding and online Proselyting!  So if any of you have any good ideas on how to preoselyte online, feel free to email me about it!  I’d love to hear them! 

For P-day we went to Karlsruhe with all the other sisters in the Zone to the Schwartzwald (black forest) and went hiking! It was super fun!


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