New Year

Sooooooooo…..I get the bad dad of the year award for slacking in my duties to keep this blog updated.  A lot has happened that has kept me from keeping this as updated as much as I wished.  As of today, Sydnee in in Munster Germany with Sister Lopez.  Transfers are on Feb 2 and Sydnee is expecting that one of them will get transfered as a new group of sisters is due to hit the mission in February.  They work the last 2 months has been very very slow.  She atributes this to the Holidays as well as it being well, Germany.  In this last weeks conversations with Sydnee, she used a line from J. Golden Kimball…He said it would be easier to burn it down and do baptisms for the dead.

The majority of the “missionary” work that they have been engaged in centers around working with the members.  There area only 12 members in the branch and there is a lot of work to do to get people active and engaged.  One of the pictures below that you can see Subway, is actually a view from the window from the place their branch meets.  

there are some other pictures of her and sister Lopez from the last few weeks.  I will also post a video.


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