50 days left, but who is counting

Hello everyone! It’s me again, hope y’all are ready to hear from me nochmal (again)! Hope your weeks are more than just happening! Here’s the rundown of the adventures of the sisters in Friedrichsdorf!

Friday: We had some member appointments and district meeting. Then to end the day we had a cleaning check and were brought A&W rootbeer!!!

Saturday: We went finding but most things were closed and there weren’t very many people out so for a moment we were afraid it was Sunday and we just didn’t know what day it was… But seeing as it was not Sunday, we got some good gelato!

Sunday: We had a previous investigator show up to church! But he woke up too late to come to our ward so we went to the Sacrament meeting of the Usingen ward in addition to our ward, but he came! He even said he might come next week! Then we helped the Zone Leaders do some service for a lady in our ward.

Monday: It was wayyyyyyy cold! We got a cold front come down from the North Pole this week with a lot of wind =frozen sister missionary popsicles. Haha We had a great appointment with Plami! Then we went finding and had a freaky moment where the bus didn’t go to the right stop so we went to an apartment building of a member who apparently didn’t live there, so we klingled (doored) and were let in to the building but no one opened a door which is uncommon here when someone lets you in, it was eerily quiet (except we heard little kids laughing…) and we got a weird feeling near the top of the building, so we tschüssed out of there way quick! Then we found the Zone Leaders at the train station and talked to them and felt better.

Tuesday: We found out that there was road construction and that’s why the bus rerouted. We found a couple cool potentials! Then we saw an area that looked a lot like Utah. This day was mostly walking really.

Wednesday: We had district meeting and a couple appointments. We also tried to practice a musical number which didn’t exactly go well, but we’ll see.

Today we went to tour the castle (and a cathedral and evangelische church) in Bad Homburg!


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