5 Pday’s left

Thursday: We messaged a guy we’d given a Book of Mormon to and it turns out he’d read it several times and loves the ideas in it! But he didn’t live in our area so we referred him over.
Friday: We had a couple appointments, one with a guy that seemed pretty interested and the lesson went great! He also doesn’t live in our area though, so we referred him over too. Sister Peck got her residency permit so she is now legal! 
Saturday: We went finding mostly, and doored into a pantless man for my first time, so that was fun… but we gave him an invitation to an event and left. Then Opa (grandpa – a man in our ward) got us gelato!

Sunday: Church which was great, but no one showed up for us, but that’s okay. Then we had various types of pancakes with a member who moved here from America.

Monday: Zone conference! It was super awesome! We talked about the importance of using the Book of Mormon in teaching and finding and it was just way awesome! The Book of Mormon is way cool, I love it!

Tuesday: We had several awesome member appointments and did some finding. Russian Honey cake is awesome, by the way!

Wednesday: We had a fantastic lesson with Plami who said she’d not only come to the international dinner night tomorrow, but also to church!!! We’re way excited!

Today we’ve just been doing a district p-day and we’ve been playing games and volleyball and tonight we’re going to Skype Veronika who they are actually building a branch in her home town now! She’s been able to help them find an apartment for missionaries and a building for church service!

That is a quick run down of my last week.  I only have 5 Pday’s left, wow it is coming to and end soon.  Still so much to do!!


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