just over 4 weeks left

This week has been pretty great here, and here’s the breakdown!

Friday: We baked for the international dinner night the next day and did some finding. We also had a member appointment and an appointment with an investigator.

Saturday: We had a church tour with Plami and while waiting for her we met a cool guy named Gadir who said he’ll meet with us. Then Plami loved the church tour. Then the international dinner night which was way cool! Plami and Natalie were there and some other people that some from our ward had invited. Plami loved it!

Sunday: Plami had to take care of her sick brother and so couldn’t come to church but said she will next Sunday. We had some great classes though! We talked about how Christ is the perfect example we have been given.

Monday: We Skyped Veronika! We also did a bit of finding and saw Königstein for the first time. Then we did some service for a member and she fed us.

Tuesday: We met with a member and then with Gadir and we gave him a Book of Mormon and as we were walking around Friedrichsdorf we saw him reading it! Then some more finding.

Wednesday: We had three appointments with members and did service for three members, plus we met with Plami! By all accounts, time wise we shouldn’t have been able to do all of that, but through a series of miracles it happened! However, we learned a couple things as well, a) even if it is very warm people will get mad at you for not wearing coats and stuff, which we knew but we thought it’d be warm enough for that not to happen, we were wrong, now I have more jackets… b) rubber boots are not meant to be worn all day… our feet just about gave out and peaced out of here.

Today: We had p-day with our district, plus the Hanau sisters and the Wetterau (I think) elders and just ate food and played games, so it’s been fun!

Anyway, this week the most used book of scripture in the Book of Mormon was Alma, great stuff in there! (And everywhere in that amazing book!) 


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